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Friday, 19 August 2011

11am Breakfast

Isn't that terrible? 11am and I started to cook breakfast; and what's more, I even looked at the opened bottle of Argentine Syrah in the fridge from last night. Nah, that was taking debauchery to new levels; I settled for chocolate milk.

Today is my first Friday without private classes. I didn't have to get up for anybody or anything. Although, I was up earlier and checked my emails.

Bacon & Eggs... nom noms.

This picture made me think. I have been sitting on it for sometime knowing that one day it would come in handy.

Bacon is now classed as one of the dangerous foods because it contains sodium nitrite as a preservative. NaNO2 is a known cancer causing agent. Which just begs the question, why now? Bacon has been a method of preserving pork for 1,000s of years and all of a sudden it is dangerous...

Can't help it. I love bacon.

I'm broke this month. I have spent too much. I am now counting my pennies because Monday week I have promised to host a BBQ at the botequim on my birthday. That is the day I officially become a velho caduco (a senile grouchy old man), yes, it is the day I turn 60.

I wonder if I will be expected to sit around on park benches with other grouchy old men and 'chew the fat' (preferably bacon). I don't feel sixty. I am rather proud of the fact that I have made the distance. Never thought much about it before, but now the more I do, the more I don't feel it. I am too young at heart, despite the bloody walkingstick. I may not run to the botequim next door, but I do make it a fast hobble to arrive at beer o'clock.

Speaking of which, it is beer o'clock and time for the local news.

I have been looking for a way to make updates on my pages appear, but I cant find one. I tried the blog list, but it just show actual blog posts on the home page. If anyone out there knows how, leave a note for me.

Time to put my pants on and hobble off...



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