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I used to have many separate blogs, but rather than repeat that exercise for Google to destroy again, I have added the blogs as separate pages here on the Top Bar. I will add past posts as I recover them from other sources, but will also add new posts as the occasion arises; so always check, there's bound to be something new.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Taking the Bull by the Horns


I have decided to take the bull by the horns.

While I am not completely comfortable with WordPress, I have totally lost faith in Blogger and I feel it has seriously undermined my ability to blog.

I have to figure WP out. I cannot find the template I want unless I pay; and I don't want to pay. I am not into blogging for the money, although donations would be a nice way to recognise the hard work I do here, so I don't see why I should pay.

In the first post you will see all that was here on my Life is a Labyrinth Eco-Crap Page. I am going to continue there.

Eco-Crap on WordPress

Wish me luck and hope you enjoy or hate what I have to offer. Please be patient while I learn how to 'do it.'

Eventually, I will add new WP blogs from my static pages here to my stable and advise here.


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Life is a Labyrinth

Life is a Labyrinth