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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

And I thought Mondays were Bad

Yes, today started out like a Monday, I had to go to work early to get my student sheets to the coordinator. They have been ready since Thursday and not a single teacher thought to deliver them. So I was faced with a 3km walk to get them there at the prearranged time. I got there exhausted and sweating, 3km is not a lot of fun on a walkingstick.

On arrival, I was told the guy had left a half hour earlier. A phone call only to discover that 'someone' (not me) had neglected to tell him I was coming. Arrrggghhh! So the only solution was to cancel my two classes, catch the bus for an extra trip to Barra to deliver them myself. It was unavoidable, no sheets, no pay.

So that was my day. I consoled myself with an extra sushi lunch while in Barra before returning home.

But that wasn't all. On route the van driver decided to go the other way. I wanted Cachamorra highway, but more passengers wanted Marga├ža. Arrrgggghhhh! (again) because that left me with another 25 minute walk up the hill home.

I now officially hate Mondays and Tuesdays.

I have just read a report on BBC News about the effects of the series of earthquakes suffered by the city of my birth.

"Six months after an earthquake killed dozens of people in New Zealand's second largest city, Christchurch, the consequences for thousands more are playing out in slow motion.

It's been a life-changing event, one of those events that forces you to think hard, and make some big decisions."

Read more about the after affects on the link above.

I get regular reports from my Mum when she rings me on Saturdays. It's so hard to imagine the place that I grew up in is just not the same place any more.

Now I am going to watch a movie, haven't decided which one yet. I have to browse.

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