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I used to have many separate blogs, but rather than repeat that exercise for Google to destroy again, I have added the blogs as separate pages here on the Top Bar. I will add past posts as I recover them from other sources, but will also add new posts as the occasion arises; so always check, there's bound to be something new.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Balls Up

Yes, the previous post was a balls up. It was intended to be a new page, but I posted it instead, then made the new page. There's more to see on the Music Stuff page and it will give you an idea of the music that I like. I decided to leave the original post up as a teaser.

This weekend is a 'kid-free' zone. I have had to postpone the kids visits until after next pay day because I'm broke.

So at least I have the chance to add new posts on each page. You'll notice the 'post indicator' on the side bar, it'll tell you when and where I have posted recently.

A week of 30+ days and the promise of a cold front arriving today with rain forcast for today and tomorrow.

I have planned basically nothing, although I will make a therapeutic trip to the supermarket - therapy = buying wine. I am preparing for the BBQ Monday week.

So, having said all that...



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Life is a Labyrinth

Life is a Labyrinth