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Monday, 22 August 2011

Pizza & Chardonnay

Yes, yesterday was pizza and chardonnay for lunch. I cheated and bought a frozen pizza thingy at the supermarket. Four cheese variety, although I normally make my pizzas from scratch, I had a hankering; and as you know, when you've got an itch, you have to scratch it.

Washing done and out of the way, with absolutely no hope of it drying in the sun... there wasn't any. The predicted cold front arrived the evening before and stymied any hope of a warm weekend.

Anyway, I fired up oven, unwrapped the pizza, yes, another cardboard box and plastic to dispose of. Actually the cardboard box will become tapers that I use to light the oven when needed, saving matches and extending the life of my cigarette lighter, so it is recycling... sort of.

The pizza wasn't destined to be the way I bought it, oh no, I had other ideas, Chopped some olives, mushrooms and bacon and sprinkled them liberally on top of the cheeses before assigning the adulterated pizza to the fires.

Only one word to describe it... 'nom noms' as I lay languidly on the sofa on a cold wet day and watched part of a Brazilian movie 'Se fosse voce,' (If I were you).

I hate Mondays. My first email was a student canceling his classes Tue & Wed; it wasn't the student at the beginning of the day, nor the end of the day, but the one smack in the middle of the day. So I now have to wait two hours each day between classes doing... nothing!

I found this on the web (via Google, of course). It is San Javier Mission in Bolivia. More than that, it was one of the photos that I lost in the great google grab when my blogs disappeared.

San Javier is one of the preserved Missions in the north of Santa Cruz department and makes part of the 'Missions' circuit for tourists, San Miguel, San Javier, San Ignacio de Velasco and San José de la Chiquitos; a circut that takes you from Santa Cruz de la Sierra and back again. Quite beautiful and picturesque.

I stayed up and watched a movie into the wee hours, The Zookeeper, a comedy that tickled my fancy (and being a week away from sixty, I don't let a chance go by to tickle my fancy). So, I slept in, now I am about the time to cook one of my monster burgers for lunch and disappear to teach. Short day today, four hours. The next three are eight-hour days with no break, so I will relish the chance to be home late afternoon for a change.

Good movie to watch for a laugh and a love story.

Gotta go, later


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